Thursday, 7 October 2010

WGAA Retrieving Challenge 2010

On Sunday 3rd October, the club ran the 3rd WGAA Retrieving Challenge Event, although we are still ironing out some of the bugs, overall we are getting better. The event was held at Nagambie on a bright, sunny day, and the club would like to thank Ray Waldron for providing this great site.
A number of members, some with dogs and kids in tow, travelled up on Saturday and camped overnight making a great weekend of it. However, there was no getting away from the AFL Grand Final as the Collingwood win was celebrated long into the night in a nearby farm house.
On Sunday entry fees were paid, teams were selected and the event began. Some of the dog work and handling work was of a high standard, with plenty of encouragement and advice being offered by handlers to each other. At the end of the day it was agreed that a great time was had by all.
An extremely good job was done by Angie Bloomer and Farli, in the open section, Alex Jervic with Ellie and Tim Cloke with Chopper in the Advanced Section, Sam Heyes with Nellie and Bill Allen with Buck, in the Intermediate Section.
Bill Allen received a collar as this was the second time he had been successful – congratulations to Bill.
The team event was won by Angie Bloomer – Farli, Alex Jervic – Ellie, Kevin Phelps – Bullet & Dean Watts – Purdy. It was pleasing to see some young and exciting dogs competing, and this should augur well for the future.
The club was pleased to see newcomers, the ‘Heyes brigade’ as well as a number of spectators from the L├ępagneul Breton club.
No club event would happen without diligent, hard working members and no club anywhere has a better loyal troup - Norm Cloke, Kevin Phelps, Denis Maher, Angie Bloomer, Dean Watts and Alex Jervic who prepared the trial site for the activities, set the runs, arranged the location for placing dummies, erected tents and toilets, organised the food and drinks for lunch and cooked a well earnt lunch.
The shot of the day would have to be on the duck run, where some ‘idiot’ threw the retrieving dummy into a dead, hollowed out, 30’ high gum tree, in the middle of the swamp! The club is looking for someone who has a trained swimming possum to retrieve it, as Knuckles could not do it.
Graham Hayes
WGAA (Vic) Training Officer

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