Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Field Assessment Day - 9 October 2011

Date: Sunday 9th October Venue: Daylesford, Vic
Starting time: Be there and registered by 8.30am
Bring your own lunch.
A barbeque will be available if you bring meat to cook.
This is the sixth year this event has been held. Dogs are required to complete three basic tasks – a field run, a land retrieve and a water retrieve.
Certificates will be awarded.
The Field Assessment day is open to all breeds of gundogs of all abilities, young or old. The field and retrieving runs bear a direct relationship to real life hunting over your gundog. Every encouragement is given by experienced trainers to help you and your dog improve even more.
This day is part of the Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR) sub discipline program.
For further details, a map and to confirm attendance please contact WGAA Vice President, Kevin Phelps on 0407 091 221.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

September training day.

The next training day will be held on Sunday 18th September 2011 at Tullidge Reserve, Melton, Melways Ref 337 D 10.Enter the reserve off Collins St. Training commences at 9am and finishes with a BBQ lunch at around 12pm. Anyone with a gundog is welcome. For more details please contact the Training Officer, Graham Hayes on 9743 7402.

Hunt Point & Retrieve Novice Training Field Trial 2011

Saturday 3rd September was something of a red letter day for WGAA with the running of our first closed season training trial for Hunt, Point and Retrieve dogs. The event was judged by Russell Thomas, well known and very successful GSP handler.
This was a training event and Russell gave freely of his expertise and experience, guiding all handlers with a running commentary about how their dogs were performing.
All dogs were tested on game throughout the day with many having multiple finds. The stand out field performer was Marco Pagliari’s L’Epagnuel Breton, Fay who carded 10 finds in her field runs and backed well when required. Dean Watts’ GSP, Angie Bloomer’s GSP and Bill Allen’s Breton also impressed with their field work.
A marked retrieve in water concluded what was an excellent day. Russell’s winning dog overall was Dean Watts’ GSP Purdey. Runner up was awarded to Angie Bloomer’s GSP Farli and third place went to Marco Pagliari’s Breton, Fay.
WGAA intends to conduct HPR Open Season events next season.

To see some more pictures, please click HERE and wait for the slideshow to load.

Retrieving Trial 28 August 2011

The trial was held near Ballarat on an excellent property – many thanks to the landowner.
Judge: Barry Kavanagh.
Trial Manager: Dean Watts (WGAA Retrieving Sub Committee).
Catering: Diana & Kevin Phelps.
Judge’s critique:
Intermediate – Single mark retrieves
Overall we had 11 dogs finish out of 15 that started. The dog work was of a good standard as can be seen by their scores.
1. Peter Digiannantonia’s GSP, Cougar – 152 points
This dog put in a consistent overall performance. First run scored 52, second run scored 51 & third run scored 49.
2. Sam Heyes’ Labrador, Nellie – 143 points
This dog worked very well with great enthusiasm but dropped game in the water run. First run scored 52, second run scored 44, third run scored 47.
3. Luke Warner’s GSP, Cody – 142 points
Again a very fast and enthusiastic dog that retrieved well but was let down a little in the heeling department. First run scored 48, second run scored 46, third run scored 48.
The first run was a Two Bird Retrieve.
The second run was a Mark and Blind with the mark to be retrieved first out of water and then the blind on land.
The third run was a Walk up Double Rise Retrieve in water and reeds.
The dogs were good to judge and overall the runs sorted them out mainly due to lack of control and handling errors.
1. Fred Briffa’s GSP, Lizzie – 129.5 points
First run scored 47.5, second run scored 43 & third run scored 39
2. Angie Bloomer’s GSP, Farli – 124.5 points
First run scored 35.5, second run scord 42 & third run scored 48
3. Luc Tomasino’s Brittany, Gus – 121.5 points
First run scored 32, second run scored 50 & third run scored 46.5

To see more pictures, please click HERE and wait for the slideshow to load.