Tuesday, 7 April 2009

South Australian Quail Season

Gundog owners will be disappointed at the shortening of the quail season in SA. The Dept for Environment & Heritage website lists the season as starting on 28/3 & closing on the 31/5 - a mere 2 months. While the website gives a host of evidence for shortening the SA duck season - the Bureau of Meteorology, the annual DEH wetland and waterfowl survey, the National Agricultural Monitoring Service, and the Eastern Australian Aerial Waterbird survey conducted by Professor Richard Kingsford, University of NSW, no such evidence is given as to why & how the decision re the quail season was made. It appears that the quail season decision has just been tacked on to the shortened duck season decision.

This is just not good enough! Many Victorians purchase SA hunting permits and travel to SA for hunting & triallling. They deserve better than this no explanation decision. WGAA members have for years travelled to SA for trials - especially in July. Without any reasons being given this opportunity has now been removed.

Express your annoyance over this cavalier decision by writing to the
SA Dep't of Environment & Heritage
PO Box 1047
Adelaide SA 5001

Or email the Premier at