Saturday, 1 November 2008

Last Training Day for 2008

The next WGAA (Vic) training day is Sunday 23 November 2008. Tullidge Rd Reserve, MELTON. Starting time 9am. All gundog breeds. For further details ring Graham Hayes 97437402. Training is provided free of charge. BBQ lunch & drinks available at a nominal cost.
Please note this is the 4th Sunday in the month, not the usual 3rd Sunday.


The WGAA (Vic) Annual General Meeting is on Friday 21 November at the SSAA(Vic) Springvale Range, 710 Dandenong Rd SPRINGVALE 3171 at 8pm.
We are able to have the bar open, and meals are available as long as we have 20 or more people present. So do the right thing by the club and make sure you attend. This has been a major year for the club with a big calendar of events, and a meal and a drink or two will be a nice way to finish things off. The bar and restaurant will open at 6pm and the AGM will start at 8pm.

Rick Smith Seminar Success

After many months of planning the Rick Smith Seminar finally got underway on October 24th, 25th and 26th. This was no easy undertaking! Liaising with the participants, organising meals over the 3 days, assisting with accommodation ... the list of tasks seemed never ending. However, it all came together in what can only be described as a unique and groundbreaking event. 8 different breeds of gundogs, 30 handlers from 4 different States ... this seminar was indeed an Australian first in the bird dog world.
The venue was just west of Melbourne and as can be gauged from the following photos, we were in the heart of “drought country.” However, drought or no drought, the event was both educational and entertaining for all. The Smiths are a byword for training excellence in the USA where they have been conducting bird dog seminars for many decades. This depth of knowledge was evident throughout the 3 day event in the way that Rick went about presenting, explaining and demonstrating the Silent Command method of gun dog training. The system is based on establishing the point of contact on the dog, developing a conditioned response and then overlaying the learned behaviour with whatever command the handler chooses. The command lead, whoa post and the check cord are all integral components of this system. Rick was also able to demonstrate the use of the low stimulation e- collar as an effective gundog training tool. As an interesting sidelight, Rick explained how the e- collar is used extensively in the States for “snake proofing” dogs – a point not lost on the handlers present.
Mention must be made of the support received from both SSAA National and SSAA (Vic) and Innotek.
This was an excellent event, one that received many accolades from participants at the certificate presentation. Requests for another seminar in the future attest to the success of the event, a point noted by the hard working WGAA committee.

Visit a slideshow of the seminar by clicking here

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sporting Spaniel WGAA trial - NSW

For a report and pics from this trial visit the following link

Training Day pics 21.9.08

A nice finish

Dynamic entry

All set for "Knuckles" to do his thing


Always a nice pic
End of the session

On what was a fairly cold, wet day, 12 dogs faced up to WGAA’s level 1 Field Assessment. A field run on a planted bird, a land run retrieve and water retrieve had to be completed. Although only at level 1, the tasks required were testing enough for the dogs. In the field run dog had to cover the ground well, complete a recall and a stay at distance when instructed, point or “flush” (for flushing breeds) the bird and be reasonably steady to the flush and shot. The land run was a sighted retrieve on a “rabbit” (on this occasion up hill) and the water retrieve was a sighted retrieve on a “duck” thrown into running water. The water was both cold and running reasonably hard. Some handlers elected not to ask their dogs to complete the water retrieve.

Buck goes through the cold water

Angie lining things up

Abed checking that everything is ready.

So too is Dean

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Next Training Day

The next WGAA (Vic) training day is Sunday 19th October 2008. Tullidge Rd Reserve, MELTON. Starting time 9am. All gundog breeds. For further details ring Graham Hayes 97437402. Training is provided free of charge. BBQ lunch & drinks available at a nominal cost.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Beretta raffle

The 2008 Beretta Raffle is on now! For your chance to win click on
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1st Prize: $4,000 Beretta Australia Shopping Spree Retail Value $4,000 You will be able to choose from a wide range of Beretta Australia products. Proudly Supported by Beretta Australia.
2nd Prize: Holiday Package. Retail Value $2,000
3rd Prize: Home entertainment Package. Retail Value: $1,000
Tickets are only $5 each and can be purchased on-line via the SSAA (Vic) website or by calling the State office on (03)8892-2777.
Don't wait any longer! Buy your tickets NOW!

SSAA (Vic)
Ph. (03) 8892 2777
F. (03) 8892 2700

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Forthcoming events

Over the next few months WGAA will be fairly active with the following events:

  1. 20/7/08 Training day - Melton
  2. 17/8/08 Training day - Melton
  3. 23/8/08 Celebration dinner, Royal Mail Hotel, 519 Spencer St West Melbourne. 7pm.
  4. 31/8/08 Field Assessment Day - Daylesford
  5. 21/9/08 Training day - Melton
  6. 19/10/08 Training day - Melton
  7. 24/10 - 29/10/08 Rick Smith Foundation Seminar - Balliang East
  8. 16/11/08 Training day - Melton
  9. 21/11/08 AGM williamstown RSL

10 Year Celebration dinner

As mentioned in the last WGAA News, WGAA (Vic) is celebrating its 10th birthday. In that time we have helped train hundreds of dogs and conducted events too numerous to mention. To mark the occasion we are organising a celebration dinner on Saturday 23rd August at the Royal Mail Hotel, 519 Spencer St West Melbourne, commencing at 7 pm. (Plenty of parking available.) All WGAA members, past & present, are invited to attend. Guests can choose from the set menu at $30 per head. This includes a main meal with a choice of either entree or sweets, and a glass of wine. Details of the menu will be published in the July-August WGAA News.
Come along and join us for a night of celebration and good company. Those members who have maintained continual membership for our first 10 years will be presented with a lapel badge to mark the occasion.
Contact Lyn Foster or phone 95095245 to confirm your attendance.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Litter of Pups - Working Labradors

Litter of Pups - Working Labradors
4 Females and 2 Males - All black
Whelped 22nd June 2008
Will be wormed, vaccinated and vet checked
$350 each
Mother available for viewing
Ph: (03) 5331 9474 or 0418 319 409

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

SSAA National Pointer & Setter Field Trial 2008

Judge: Bill Cross (Vic) Assistant Judge: Robyn Gaskin (NZ)
1st - D&A Everard's Irish Setter Bitch - F Ch & FT Ch RUSSETRAY TULLAMORE (Tara)
2nd - B&K Oliver's Pointer Bitch - WINGFIELD DAME (Imp NZ) (Jaeger)

H&L Foster’s F Ch (CS) KORAM KRIS AT INNISTONA (Imp Ire) (Major)
B&K Oliver’s F Ch YWURRIE JED (Striker) & WINGFIELD DAME (Imp NZ) (Jaeger)
T. Ozsehitoglu’s F Ch & FT Ch WHITESMOKE (Rusty) & WHITESMOKE DIESEL
A. Willey’s F Ch YWURRIE RANI (Abbey)
R Clay's Kilsheelan Paprika (Imp NZ) & Kilsheelan Quill (Imp NZ).

The 2008 SSAA WGAA National was a hard fought affair marked by freezing weather but plentiful game. Thin stubble and vast native grass patches made up the venue for 14 of the country’s best pointers and setters to fight it out. At the end of round one 6 dogs were brought back – Dielsel, Major, Jaeger, Striker, Diesel & Tara. Four dogs proceeded into the third round – Striker v Major and Tara v Jaeger and as the heats progressed it was left to Tara & Jaeger to vie for trial honours. An extremely long final heat saw multiple finds, hard running birds and good productions. At around 4pm a halt was called with the Irish Setter Bitch Tara being given the nod over the Pointer Bitch Jaeger.
This was a great event, characterised by some excellent dog work and a phenomenal number of finds. The standard of all dogs was high, and judgement was accordingly very difficult on occasions. Judging is never easy, and at times I had to rely on my assistant judge in order to help me make some tough decisions. I am thankful to the WGAA committee for the opportunity to judge such a hard fought affair.
Generous funding was again provided by the SSAA for this event, a sign of the association’s ongoing commitment to field sports in this country.
Many thanks to those who put together the necessary infrastructure for this major event and especially the landowners who generously make available their properties on which we are able to run our dogs. I must also thank my assistant judge Robin Gaskin from New Zealand for her efforts on the day.

Bill Cross

Vince Pino & FT Ch Rocca Diesel

Judges: Robyn Gaskin & Bill Cross

A section of the gallery

Barry Oliver & Wingfield Dame (Imp NZ)

Bob Whinnen & Quailbanders Double Rise

Joe Camilleri & FT Ch Walteera Vulcan

Henry Foster & F Ch(CS) Koran Kris At Innistona (Imp Ire)

Bob Whinnen & Quailbanders Double Rise

Alan Willey with F Ch(CS) Ywurrie Rani & Panos Papas with Similax Brio

Vince Pino & FT Ch Rocca Diesel watched by Bill Cross

Taner Ozsehitoglu & Whitesmoke Diesel

Denis Everard & F Ch&FT Ch Russetray Tullamore

Barry Oliver & F Ch Ywurrie Jed

Winners are grinners

John Nash Memorial Pointer & Setter Field Trial

Thanks to WGAA for inviting me over to judge the John Nash P&S trial in Victoria and for providing paddocks with such good numbers of birds in them. The conditions were very tough for the dogs and handlers, with strong blustery winds and twitchy birds that ran furiously and often lifted a long way in front of them. I took six dogs (from a field of eleven) through to the second round, and of these, my two top dogs were well in contention for the win. In particular, Barry Oliver's PD FCh Ywurrie Jed shone with his accurate location and production of birds in the testing conditions. Vince Pino's PD FTCh Rocca Diesel was the other to impress, with excellent ground treatment and stylish backing. Unfortunately, the competition pressure pushed all dogs over the limit in the last round and I could make no awards. But I compliment the handlers and dogs on their performances and for taking my decisions with good grace. It was a pleasure to judge you all.
The Bael Bael Trophy (Best Finding Dog) - B&K Oliver's F Ch Ywurrie Jed
The Brodruggan Plate (Best Setter) - D&A Everard's F Ch&FT Ch Russetray Tullamore

Robyn Gaskin (New Zealand)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Next Training Day

The next WGAA (Vic) training day is Sunday 20th July 2008. Tullidge Rd Reserve, MELTON, (Melways ref 115 D11). Starting time 9am. All gundog breeds. For further details ring Graham Hayes 97437402. Training is provided free of charge. BBQ lunch & drinks available at a nominal cost.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

WA Pointer & Setter National Field Trial (Closed Season) 1/6/08

The inaugural Western Australian Pointer & Setter National Field Trial, Closed Season (CS), was held in the Meckering area, east of Perth. The judge for this prestigious event was the well known Victorian pointer & setter personality, Bill Cross. The event was organised by the Working Gundog Association of WA (Inc), the SSAA's Gundog group in the West. Sponsorship for the event came from the SSAA National, SSAA WA and Rosendorff Jewellers, Perth.

The National was one event in a long weekend of 4 CS trials which commenced on Friday and went through to the following Monday - a tough programme for bird dogs who had to show great endurance to compete consistently over such a programme. Dogs cover many kilometres at top speed in each heat, and some dogs ran up to 3 heats each day - often in quite warm conditions, no easy task!

The National event was the third in a series of 4 trials. The form dog of the programme was the pointer dog; Koram Kris at Innistona (Imp Ire) (Major) owned and handled by Henry Foster. Major had left his opposition far behind in the previous two events and was looking unbeatable.

Field trialling commenced in the 1850's, and the basic requirements have remained unaltered over the past century and a half - winning dogs should show style, dominant game finding ability, speed and good field manners. Major's performance on the day of the National left no-one in doubt that he had met these criteria and by late in the day when there were only 2 compulsory retrieves left to perform he made no mistake - a clear winner on the day.

Runner up was the local dog, Alan Willey's pointer bitch Ywurrie Rani (Abbey), a very stylish dog who showed great endeavour over the 4 days of trialling, and today was no exception. Lacking only the number of finds produced by Major, Abbey was a worthy second place getter. No third place was awarded.

Over the weekend both Major and Abbey were awarded their WGAA Field Champion (CS) titles.

Overall results from the WA National weekend were:
Friday 30th May. Jack Pontin Memorial Pointer & Setter CS field trial: Winner H&L Foster's pointer dog WGAA F Ch Koram Kris at Innistona (Imp Ire) NFTW (CS). Runner up A&V Willey's pointer bitch WGAA F Ch (CS) Ywurrie Rani.

Saturday 31st May. Bob Dean Memorial Pointer & Setter CS field trial: Winner H&L Foster's pointer dog WGAA F Ch Koram Kris at Innistona (Imp Ire) NFTW (CS).

Sunday 1st June. National CS Pointer & Setter field trial: Winner: H&L Foster's pointer dog WGAA F Ch Koram Kris at Innistona (Imp Ire) NFTW (CS). Runner up A&V Willey's pointer bitch WGAA F Ch (CS) Ywurrie Rani.

Monday 2nd June. WA State Pointer & Setter field trial Championship (CS): Winner B&K Oliver's pointer bitch, Wingfield Dame. Runner up A&V Willey's pointer bitch, WGAA F Ch (CS) Ywurrie Rani.

Major - 3 time winner

National winner - Koram Kris at Innistona (Imp Ire) (Major)

Gallery chatting

National gallery

Ywurrie Rani (Abbey) & Alan Willey

Maurizio Casadio & Tobenlee Zachary Ballou

Major on point

Go! John Kersley's Skraveldalens C Chili (Imp SWD)

A well earned drink break

National winners. (l-r) Henry Foster, Judge Bill Cross & Alan Willey

Ywurrie Rani waits her turn

Well done Chili

A good vantage point


The Retrieving Committee was delighted to have secured Wayne Phelps as the Judge,
who put on three very good runs for this level. The Committee was also pleased with the
entry - ten was a good number of dogs.

First Run: The rabbit run of about 65 metres was a good challenge for the handler – first to position the dog in the right place to obtain good sight of the rabbit when popped from the thrower. The firing point pegs were placed between a couple of bushes, some dogs broke on the firing of the gun, and this complicated the retrieve.

Second Run: Next up was the quail run The judge wisely used the natural terrain to provide a good quail run of about 70 metres. The clay thrower was about 35 metres (well concealed) slightly to the right and in front of the handler and dog, and the “quail” was thrown into fairly thick cover. Dogs that broke paid the price by not accurately marking the fall.

Third Run: The final run was the duck run. This was a good natural shooting run of about 60 metres. The dog was positioned on the bank amongst big trees, and about 30 metres along the bank on the same side a duck was cast In flight it appeared to be flying through the trees, the dogs would have been impressed with the shooting of all handlers to hit the bird, which, when it fell, gave a large splash falling in a little bit of surface cover on the water. The dog had the challenge to show good perseverance to retrieve the bird.

Everyone was pleased with the runs and good gun dog work was shown at this level of development as retrieving gun dogs.

Placings: Winner: Tim Cloke – Kumile Crackshot
Second: Gary Bristow – Woldjaeger Birthday Girl
Third: Bill Allen – Windkael Rusticana

Congratulations to all three place getters:
Bill who is rekindling his interest in retrieving trials.
Gary who knows the meaning of devotion and loyalty as his dog had been struggling with some health issues.
And of course, Tim, the club’s youngest trialer who showed everyone the way to do it, and is the future of our club and sport.

Knuckles nails it

Judge: Wayne Phelps on the job

Brittany looking good

Monday, 12 May 2008

WGAA NSW Pointer & Setter Field Trial

The inaugural WGAA NSW Pointer & Setter field trials have been scheduled for 24th & 25th May. The trials will be held in Victoria. For more information please contact Andrew Melisi on 0419166965 or Barry Oliver on 0403380092.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Litter Notification

Working Irish Setter pups for sale
6 males, 4 females - all red with varying amounts of white on chest
Sire: Fyledalens Peregrin (Imp Sweden)
Dam: Quailbanders Aisa

Contact Lesley Store (WA) 08 9451 5361 Mob 0448 366 532

Next training day

Next Training Day
The next WGAA (Vic) training day is Sunday 18th May 2008. Tullidge Rd Reserve, MELTON, (Melways ref 115 D11). Starting time 9am. All gundog breeds. For further details ring Graham Hayes 97437402. Training is provided free of charge. BBQ lunch & drinks available at a nominal cost.
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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Pointer & Setter Trial 25/04/08

WGAA's inaugural P&S field trial for 2008 kicked off at 8.30 on what looked like it was going to be a warm day, which it was. 25 degrees and a strong northerly made things difficult for the competing dogs, especially as the day wore on.
The first round saw 5 dogs brought back: Denis Everard's Tullamore (ISB), Tanar Ozsehitoglu's Rusty (PD), Vince Pino's Diesel (PD), Ray Goody's Rosi (PB) & Joe Camilleri's Vulcan (PD).
All these dogs had completed some nice work in round 1, but the judge on the day, Kathy Oliver, was looking for those quality aspects of pointer & setter work that were becoming increasingly harder to find as the temperature and the strong wind began to play a negative role. Although there was no shortage of game a high number of birds were being 'bumped', but this was perhaps understandable on the day.
In the end it was Denis & Anne Everards experienced and trial savvy Irish setter bitch who put it all together with two good finds, nice productions and good seek deads. the minor placings were filled by Ray Goody's pointer who put in a steady effort all day and Vince Pino's pointer, making a recovery from injury, was third.
This was the first WGAA trial run under the rule change that requires backing only if there is a clear opportunity to do do - thereby removing the compulsory back requirement. Ironically, there were multiple backing opportunities in this trial, with most dogs backing on several occasions.
Over 150 birds were seen throughout the trial.