Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pointer & Setter Field Trials - 24 & 25 April

The Victorian Pointer & Setter field trial season kicked off with the traditional WGAA Anzac Day weekend. Two trials were held in the Wimmera and after last season’s complete cancellation due to drought; it was great to be involved in a trial with plenty of birds, good sportsmanship and good dogs. The Sunday trial was held in a paddock of self sown barley with plentiful game. Dogs were put to the test because of the warm conditions and birds that were inclined to be flighty. Every brace was given ample opportunity on game by judge, Joe Camilleri, in his first judging appointment. At the end of the day Denis Everard’s steady Irish Setter claimed trial honours over newcomer Cosmo Kostikidis’ pointer bitch, Paris – a great performance considering it was the first trial for both Cosmo and his dog. Taner Ozsehitoglu’s Irish Setter, Gamemaster Evans was a close third.
1st Denis Everard’s Russetray Rharnia (ISB)
2nd & Best Novice Dog, Cosmo Kostidis’ Paris (PB)
3rd Taner Ozsehitoglu’s Gamemaster Evans (ISD)

The Anzac Day event on the Monday was held in another paddock and a much higher standard of work was immediately evident. Dogs were able to pin game that was holding much better. Multiple finds were made by the dogs, despite the warm conditions (23 degrees celsius) and flukey breeze. Judge Taner Ozsehitoglu brought back 5 dogs after the mid morning break. There was now plenty of action with all of the dogs finding and retrieving/seeking dead. Some excellent was seen by Henry Foster’s young dog Rip Rap Marksman and Denis Everard’s Russetray Rharnia performed the seek dead of the day when she located a winged bird at some considerable distance. Congratulations to Joe Camilleri who pulled off first and second placings. Joe’s dogs showed great style and finding ability on the day, showing that they will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the 2011 season. No third place was awarded.
1st Joe Camilleri’s Walteela Awsome Assasin (PB)
2nd Joe Camilleri’s Walteela Lite Field (PB)

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Monday, 4 April 2011

2011 Pointer & Setter Field Trial Dates

  • Sunday 24 April – WGAA (Vic) Judge: Joe Camilleri

  • Monday 25 April – WGAA (Vic) Judge: Taner Ozsehitoglu

  • Saturday 21 May – WGAA (Vic)

  • Sunday 22 May – WGAA (Vic)

  • Friday 3 – Monday 6 June WGAA (WA) -4 closed season trials

  • Saturday 25 June – WGAA (Vic)

  • Sunday 26 June – WGAA (Vic)

  • Saturday 9 July - WGAA (SA) - National

  • Sunday 10 July - WGAA (SA)

  • Saturday 23 July – WGAA (NSW) Closed season trial

  • Sunday 24 July - WGAA (NSW) Closed Season trial

  • Saturday 13 August - WGAA (NSW) National Closed Season trial

  • Sunday 14 August - WGAA (NSW) Closed Season trial
Judges for several trials are yet to be announced.