Sunday, 27 April 2008

Pointer & Setter Trial 25/04/08

WGAA's inaugural P&S field trial for 2008 kicked off at 8.30 on what looked like it was going to be a warm day, which it was. 25 degrees and a strong northerly made things difficult for the competing dogs, especially as the day wore on.
The first round saw 5 dogs brought back: Denis Everard's Tullamore (ISB), Tanar Ozsehitoglu's Rusty (PD), Vince Pino's Diesel (PD), Ray Goody's Rosi (PB) & Joe Camilleri's Vulcan (PD).
All these dogs had completed some nice work in round 1, but the judge on the day, Kathy Oliver, was looking for those quality aspects of pointer & setter work that were becoming increasingly harder to find as the temperature and the strong wind began to play a negative role. Although there was no shortage of game a high number of birds were being 'bumped', but this was perhaps understandable on the day.
In the end it was Denis & Anne Everards experienced and trial savvy Irish setter bitch who put it all together with two good finds, nice productions and good seek deads. the minor placings were filled by Ray Goody's pointer who put in a steady effort all day and Vince Pino's pointer, making a recovery from injury, was third.
This was the first WGAA trial run under the rule change that requires backing only if there is a clear opportunity to do do - thereby removing the compulsory back requirement. Ironically, there were multiple backing opportunities in this trial, with most dogs backing on several occasions.
Over 150 birds were seen throughout the trial.