Monday, 30 October 2017

Retrieving Trial 29 October 17

Summer is almost here! WGAA’s retrieving trial on Sunday 31st of October was … warm. Byron Kendall, our Advanced judge on the day, gave some sage advice in his opening remarks when he said to bring dogs to the starting pegs wet and to keep an eye out for snakes and grass seeds. Both Byron and Intermediate judge, Bill Allen, toiled manfully all day under difficult conditions, conditions that made thing very difficult for dogs and handlers. A good sized brown snake necessitated changing the first run in the advanced stake, while logs and low water levels combined with thick vegetation made things interesting for dogs in both stakes.
At the end of an intense day both judges made reference to the difficult conditions and the handling errors that confounded dogs and handlers alike. Trials are always tricky affairs, and runs that appear to be simple can suddenly throw up problems resulting in frustration for handlers and confusion for dogs. This was certainly the case in the Advanced stake and Byron was unable to award any placings, However, in the Intermediate stake Bill filled the podium with Sam Hayes’ lab, Samirya Field Scout (Scout) in first place, Angie Bloomer’s GSP Kobidan Justice Endures (Ishtar) as runner-up and Shane Emond’s lab Samirya Slim Jim (Slim) in third place.
Many thanks go to the committee who laboured away on the Saturday, Sunday, and in the weeks preceding the trial to make the event happen. To our judges Byron and Bill, who, as always, blended diplomacy, knowledge and application to the task, to the property owner and to everyone else who pitched in on the day to ensure a successful and memorable event.    

 Intermediate judge Bill Allen & Andrew & Bass
 Phillip & Bella
 David & Miss Hurley

 How's that!

 Andrew & Archie line up for Advanced Judge Byron Kendall

 Intermediate winner Sam Heyes & Scout
 It's here somewhere.

 Angie & Ishtar at the start line.

 A tough swim back.

A big thank you for Byron Kendall

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Retrieving Trial Schedule 29 October 17

WGAA Vic Branch Retrieving Trial  
 Intermediate & Advanced Stakes

TRIAL DATE:              Sunday, 29 October 2017
TRIAL MANAGER:     Sam Heyes       0418 512 780
                                    Steve Luck        0408 334 427
ENTRIES:                    Entries close Friday 20 October – Draw 21 October      
EVENTS:                     Intermediate and Advanced Stakes                                            

ENTRY FEE:              $20.00 per dog Advanced and Intermediate stake. 
                                  Entries online via or
                                  Completion of trial entry form via

VETTING:                    Vetting will take place at 8.30am 
JUDGES:                     Intermediate – Bill Allen
                                    Advanced – Byron Kendall
TROPHIES:                 Trophy and Sash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters. 
QUALIFICATIONS    INTERMEDIATE is a stake confined to gundogs that have not won       any stakes other than two Intermediate Stakes.
is a stake confined to gundogs that have not won four Advanced Stakes or one Open Stake
VENUE:                    Nagambie area. 
CATERING:              Club barbeque will be available for everyone to use – bring your own  food.    
                                     Important Information
                       ..  All competitors must obey Trial Managers' directives.
..  No one is permitted to revisit the trial site under any circumstances.
¨      No alcohol to be consumed by handlers during runs.
¨      Bitches in oestrum will not be permitted on the trial grounds.
¨      All competitors must produce a current shooting licence.
..  All persons attending the trial must sign the Range Member Book.