Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Field Assessment Day 2010

WGAA's annual Field Assessment Day was held on Sunday 24th October. This is the fifth year we have conducted this event which requires dogs to complete three basic tasks - a field run, a land retrieve and a water retrieve. The retrieving assessment was under the guidance of Wayne Phelps and Barry Oliver took care of the field assessment.
Once again the event was held on an excellent property at Daylesford due to the efforts of Wayne Phelps. The club is indebted to landowners who kindly make their properties available for our use.
The Field Assessment Day is an interesting and enjoyable activity open to all breeds of gundogs of all abilities, young or old. A large and enthusiastic group of handlers and their dogs took part in the day’s activities. The field and retrieving runs bear a direct relationship to real life hunting over your gundog and are a worthwhile way of assessing your dog’s training to date. Every encouragement is given by experienced trainers to help you and your dog improve even more.
This event has become established as a highlight of the club’s calendar and a total of 20 gundogs undertook the field run and retrieves. The weather was perfect, the location ideal and it was a happy group of people that eventually gathered around the campsite for lunch. Soon after lunch all runs were completed and certificates were handed out. This day is part of the Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR) sub discipline program and is organized by the WGAA Vice President, Kevin Phelps.
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