Saturday, 9 March 2019

Duck Opening Training Day - Mar 19

The traditional 'Duck Opening' training day was held only a fortnight after our last training day, nevertheless a large turn up greeted the instructors on what was an extremely hot day. Not to be deterred handlers and dogs threw themselves into the duck-themed training session. Cane grass, plenty of water, duck blinds and an array of decoys set the scene for a successful morning's training. Training was followed by a barbeque and a raffle which appropriately featured duck shooting 'stuff'. Another successful event for WGAA.

Training Days - Jan & Feb 2019

WGAA has kicked off the year with two very successful monthly training days. Hot weather and drought conditions prevailed, however, the location at Riddells Creek was up to the challenge as the pics show. A large expanse of water together with retrieving runs of varying difficulty provided the ideal scenario for both beginners and more experienced dogs and handlers.
WGAA welcomes and encourages new comers and their dogs at all our training days and indeed at the Feb training day we had some 50 plus handlers, many of them first timers.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Retrieving Trial - 23 September 18

Results – Retrieving Trial 23 September 2018
Intermediate – Judge Wayne Phelps
1. Andrew Yeomans & Archie (Golden Ret) – 173 pts
2. Sam Heyes & Scout (Labrador Ret) – 156 pts
3. Shane Emond & Slim (Labrador Ret) – 155 pts
4. Phillip Coish & Bella (Labrador Ret) – 150 pts
Advanced – Judge Byron Kendall
1. Steve Luck & Meg (GSP) – 118 pts
2. Fred Briffa & Zuzu (GSP) – 114 pts
3. Phillip Coish & Bella (Labrador Ret) – 80.5 pts
                                                                         Kevin & Hoolie
                                                              Sam & Scout (2nd Intermediate)
                                                                            Daniel & GSP
                                                                           Andrew & Ace
                                              Phillip & Bella (4th Intermediate & 3rd Advanced)
                                                                         Richard & Jazz
                                                                           Marc & Lab
                                                                            Ray & Spud
                                                                            Danny & GSP
                                                Shane, Norm & Intermediate Judge Wayne
                                                            Shane & Slim (Third Intermediate)
                                                            Andrew & Bass (First Intermediate)
                                                                            Barry & Kio
                                                                          Angie & Ishtar
                                                              Fred & Zuzu  (2nd Advanced)
                                                  Henry, Advanced Judge Byron, Steve & Meg
                                                               Steve & Meg (1st Advanced)
                                              Wayne & Kevin - back from another river crossing.

A cool, blustery day greeted handlers, spectators and judges for the WGAA trial held on the Lodden River near Serpentine on Sunday 23rd of September.
Two stakes were run – an Intermediate and Advanced, and the Judges Wayne Phelps and Byron Kendall, both knowledgeable in the ways of game birds, set challenging runs
that were both interesting and surprising. Long time hunters, Wayne and Byron always have the knack of creating runs that demand experience and intelligence
from competitors – the team of dog and handler that gets it right makes it look easy. 
Congratulations to all for making the day another great success, and especially to the caterers. Quail soup, beef, venison, chicken schnitzel ... unbelievable!

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Retrieving Trial - Intermediate & Advanced 23 Sept 18

Trial Date:Sunday 23rd September 2018
Trial Manager:Richard Chan 0448 638 243 & Kevin Phelps 0407 091 221
Entries: Entries close Friday 7th September - Draw 9th September
Entry fee:$20.00 per dog Intermediate & Advanced stake
Vetting:Vetting will take place at 8.30am sharp
 Intermediate - Wayne Phelps
 Advanced - Byron Kendall
Trophies:Trophy & Sash for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters
INTERMEDIATE is a stake confined to gundogs that have not won any stake   
other than two Intermediate Stakes. 
ADVANCED is a stake confined to gundogs that have not won four Advanced 
stakes or one Open Stake.
Venue:Serpentine on the Lodden River
Catering: Lunch will be on sale, support WGAA by buying food and drinks.

All competitors must obey Trial manager's directives.
No one is permitted to revisit the trial site under any circumstances.
No alcohol to be consumed by handlers during runs.
Bitches in oestrum will not be permitted on the trial grounds.
All competitors must produce a current shooting license.
All persons attending the trial must sign the Range Member book.