Sunday, 14 December 2014

SSAA Shot Expo Perth – 6&7 December 2014

The WGAA Vic Demonstration Team recently travelled over to Perth for the inaugural SSAA Shot Expo in the west. This was a first for us as the dogs had to be flown over but they all took it in their stride. Previously the dogs have performed successfully at the Melbourne and Sydney Shot Expos.
This time the team consisted of Kevin & Aussie, Shane & Angus, Angie & Farli, Steve & Meg and Barry & Kio.

SSAA WA, Exhibitions Group, SSAA National and SSAA Vic were all very generous with their help and financial support. Even the dogs had excellent accommodation in a very large dog trailer and travelled in style.

The pressure was on to put on a great show and deliver we did – the team members and their dogs were awesome, four shows in two days under the very hot West Australian sun. As well as large crowds we even had the WA Police Minister at one of our performances as well as Ron and Michelle Bryant from SSAA WA and National, Geoff Jones, National President and Kaye McIntyre, National Secretary.
The Perth Shot Expo was judged to be a huge success with heaps of exhibitors and overwhelming support from shooters in the west. The place was packed with close to 10,000 people passing through the door and was a testament to all those who had planned this event over many months.

Congratulations to everyone, even the muzzleloaders who really put the frighteners up the dogs and us as well.

Please click HERE to see a slideshow of the event.