Monday, 24 September 2007

First WGAA Retrieving Trial Champion

WGAA conducted its second Open Retrieving Trial on Sunday 9th September, 2007.

The Retrieving Sub Committee was pleased with the overall running of this event which was held in the Melton Area. The site offered plenty of obstacles for the Judge, Barry Kavanagh, to runs that were very testing and caused many anxious moments for the handlers.

Entries: Alex Jervic & Ellie (Brit), Graham Hayes & Shiloh (Lab), Tim Cloke & Chopper (Lab), Graham Hayes & Bridgette (Lab), Joe Camilleri & Gemma (GSP), Graham Hayes & Bomber (Lab), Andrew Yeomans & Ram (Lab), Norm Cloke & Knuckles (Wei).

First Run – a quail retrieving run consisted of a double mark and a blind retrieve. the handler left the dog in the stay position, walked 10 metres towards a rocky/boulder area which had been removed from a large dam.

The handler fired at a blind about 130 metres out, then called the dog. A clay (a sighted object for the dog) was then thrown from behind the rocks, landing about 70 metres from the dog and handler, about 60° left from the blind.

The dog was sent for the blind. Once passed the pile of rocks the dog had to be stopped, and a second sighted object was thrown from a trap, (the dog was looking over the area where the first sighted object had landed). This dummy landed about 125 metres from the handlers position, (about another 60° from where the first sighted object landed).

The dog then had to continue to retrieve the blind then retrieve the 1st sighted quail and followed by the 2nd sighted quail.

We lost Chopper, Bomber and Knuckles.

The Second Run - a rabbit run, consisting of a double blind and mark. Again the dog was left for steadiness behind a cyclone fence, the handler walked towards a large man made hill, some 200 metres away. There was a line of trees to the left of the handler and just an open paddock (which had been furrowed and let flatten) between the handler and the large mounded area.

At the base of the mound a rabbit blind was placed 150 metres from the dog and handler, 60º left of the dog and handler, a sighted rabbit was popped (from a remote launcher) about 130 metres from the handler, and another blind 60º left of the sighted rabbit amongst the rows of trees was placed at about 100 metres.

Only two dogs completed, Joe with Gemma and Graham with Bridgette. Off to the water.

The Water Run - was conducted on a large man made egg shaped dam, 180 metres long and 100 metres wide. The dam has a large drainage pipe placed in the retaining wall. The run consisted of a double mark and a blind duck retrieve.

The control and firing points were on the south/left hand side of the egg shaped dam less than half way along. The dog and handler were looking across the body of water to the first sighted retrieve, which landed about 60 metres in the water - five seconds later the second sighted duck was cast, landing on land in a straight line 145 metres on the same side as the dog and handler, the dog was sent for the first sighted in the water. On the return a shot was fired at the blind which was placed in the culvert pipe, (the pipe is situated at the top of the egg shaped dam).

The second sighted bird had landed 30 metres left and behind the bird in the pipe, the judge required a blind next, then the last sighted bird.

The two dogs completed the run. 1st Bridgette and 2nd Gemma.

This win was particularly meritorious for Graham as it resulted in Bridgette being awarded the title of Retrieving Trial Champion. This award is the first to be awarded in WGAA's retrieving trial history. Congratulations Graham and Bridgette.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

WGAA Retrieving Trial 9th Sept 07

Graham Hayes & Shiloh

Tim Cloke & Chopper

Graham Hayes & Bridgette (winner)

Joe Camilleri & Gemma (runner up)

Andrew Yeomans & Ram