Sunday, 14 December 2014

SSAA Shot Expo Perth – 6&7 December 2014

The WGAA Vic Demonstration Team recently travelled over to Perth for the inaugural SSAA Shot Expo in the west. This was a first for us as the dogs had to be flown over but they all took it in their stride. Previously the dogs have performed successfully at the Melbourne and Sydney Shot Expos.
This time the team consisted of Kevin & Aussie, Shane & Angus, Angie & Farli, Steve & Meg and Barry & Kio.

SSAA WA, Exhibitions Group, SSAA National and SSAA Vic were all very generous with their help and financial support. Even the dogs had excellent accommodation in a very large dog trailer and travelled in style.

The pressure was on to put on a great show and deliver we did – the team members and their dogs were awesome, four shows in two days under the very hot West Australian sun. As well as large crowds we even had the WA Police Minister at one of our performances as well as Ron and Michelle Bryant from SSAA WA and National, Geoff Jones, National President and Kaye McIntyre, National Secretary.
The Perth Shot Expo was judged to be a huge success with heaps of exhibitors and overwhelming support from shooters in the west. The place was packed with close to 10,000 people passing through the door and was a testament to all those who had planned this event over many months.

Congratulations to everyone, even the muzzleloaders who really put the frighteners up the dogs and us as well.

Please click HERE to see a slideshow of the event.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Field Assessment Day - 5th October 2014

On a fantastic spring day WGAA Vic’s Field Assessment Day was held at the Daylesford property that has hosted the event for many years. This ideal property is perfect for the family friendly event with several members camping overnight to help set up runs.
Each of the 25 dogs was given 3 runs – a land retrieve, a water retrieve and a pigeon run and was scored in 5 categories in each run, categories that related closely to actual field work.
Certificates were awarded to all participants.

For more photos of the day, please click HERE and wait for the slideshow to load.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Training Day 16th November 2014 - Christmas break up

The next WGAA training day is Sunday 16th November. This will be the last training day for the year so we will celebrate with a free BBQ after training.  The entry to the Melton training venue has changed.  Our usual entry  has been  fenced off  and access is now via Reserve Rd, Tullidge St and then Lakewood Blvd - see map below (Click to view in Google Maps).
 There is a small carpark on Lakewood Blvd or otherwise park in Lakeside Blvd itself.  To enter the training venue follow the rock park across the waterway. Dogs must be leashed until you reach the training site - this is a Melton Council requirement.  Name tags must also be worn.
 Training commences at 9am and concludes at approximately 12.00 with the BBQ.  Anyone with a gundog is welcome.

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WGAA Vic RETRIEVING TRIAL -14th September 14

The WGAA Vic Intermediate and Advanced Retrieving trial was held at Nagambie in a picture perfect location in ideal conditions. The judges were David Blacker (Intermediate – 15 entries) and Andrew Yeomans (Advanced – 8 entries).
The trial managers were Luke Warner and Kevin Phelps with Norm Cloke handling the throwers.
We were all set for a great day – what could possibly go wrong? Well guess what, nothing went wrong and the day was a fantastic success. We even started on time, there was some excellent dog work, good camaraderie and the lunch was enjoyed by all - even those who were over charged!
It was encouraging to see a number of newcomers graduating from the Training day program into trials for the first time.

At the end of the day the judges awarded their placings and the lucky winners were:
Intermediate Stake
1st Henry Foster’s Pointer F Ch(CS) & Nat FT Ch RIPRAP MARKSMAN NFTW(CS) CM (154)
2nd Nick Guida’s Pointer RIPRAP ROXY (140 points)
3rd Shane Emond’s Labrador PETITRAPPORT MCANGUS (139 points)
The Encouragement award for a very high standard retrieve went to
Sandra Lesniauskas’ Golden Retriever BELBUN DAILY COMPANY DC
The highest score for a run in the Intermediate stake went to
Sam Heyes’ Labrador CONINGSBURGH MADDIE MAY (53 points)
Advanced Stake
1st Sam Heyes’ Labrador CONINGSBURGH TASHA GIRL (173 points)
2nd Sam Heyes’ Labrador CONINGSBURGH MADDIE MAY (126 points)
3rd Luc Tomasino’s Brittany BRITTNIKI GUNSMOKE GUS (124 points)

Click HERE to see a slideshow from the day.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


WGAA (Vic) is holding its annual FIELD ASSESSMENT DAY on Sunday 5 October.
Venue: Daylesford.
Starting time: Be there and registered by 8.30am.
Bring your own lunch - a BBQ will be available if you bring meat to cook.
Dogs are required to complete three basic tasks - a field run, a land retrieve and a water retrieve.  Certificates will be awarded.
The Field Assessment day is open to all breeds of gundogs of all abilities, young or old. The field and retrieving runs bear a direct relationship to real life hunting over your gundog.  Every encouragement is given by experienced trainers to help you and your dog improve even more. Beginner runs will be provided.
For further details including exact location, please contact Kevin Phelps on 0407 091 221


Date: Sunday 14th September
Stakes: Intermediate and Advanced.
Entry Fee: $15 each dog.
Entries close: 1st September, cheques payable to WGAA.
Post to:  Kathy Oliver
             11 Dreadnought St
             Sandringham 3191
Times:  Vetting 8.30am  Start 9.00am
Judge:   Intermediate TBA
                Advanced Andrew Yeomans
Trophies: Trophy and Sash for 1st place.  Sash for 2nd and 3rd place getters.
Qualifications: Intermediate is a stake confined to gundogs that have not won any stake other than two Intermediate stakes.
                           Advanced is s stake confined to gundogs that have not won four Advanced Retrieving trials or one Open Retrieving trial.
Venue: Nagambie
Catering:  Lunch will be catered for - support your club and purchase lunch on site.
Trial Managers: Contact Andrew Yeomans - Mob. 0419 773 505 email: 
or Kevin Phelps – Mob.  0407 091 221 email:
for entry forms or more information.