Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Retrieving Trial – 25 September 16

The club’s final event for the year, apart from the traditional Christmas breakup in November, was a retrieving trial at Serpentine. Excellent entries and good sportsmanship on the day, combined with some great dog work, marked the event.

Boggy conditions following recent heavy rains had some exciting moments with some cars being towed out of sticky situations, much to the amusement of our Queensland visitors.


Test – Judge: Bill Allen

1. Shane Emond’s SAMIRYA SLIM JIM (Labrador) – Slim - 154 pts

Encouragement: Rebecca Donnet NAMBEAPARK IN DA BACK (Wei) - Levi           

Intermediate – Judge: David Blacker

1. Jamie Stellini’s CHARLEY (Labrador) – 160 pts

2. Nick Guida’s RIPRAP ROXY (Pointer) – Marley – 154 pts

3. Wayne Phelps’ WINDKAEL AUSTRALIS (Brittany) – Boss - 142 pts

Encouragement: Richard Chan JAZZ     Wei/Lab

Advanced – Judge: Andrew Yeomans

1. Stephen Luck’s FINEPOINT HI FLEX  (GSP) - Meg – 160 pts

2.  Nick Guida’s RIPRAP ROXY (Pointer) - Marley – 145 pts

3. David Heyes’ CONINGSBURGH JEMMA (Labrador) - Pippa – 140 pts

Please click here for more photos from the day.

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