Wednesday, 27 August 2014


WGAA (Vic) is holding its annual FIELD ASSESSMENT DAY on Sunday 5 October.
Venue: Daylesford.
Starting time: Be there and registered by 8.30am.
Bring your own lunch - a BBQ will be available if you bring meat to cook.
Dogs are required to complete three basic tasks - a field run, a land retrieve and a water retrieve.  Certificates will be awarded.
The Field Assessment day is open to all breeds of gundogs of all abilities, young or old. The field and retrieving runs bear a direct relationship to real life hunting over your gundog.  Every encouragement is given by experienced trainers to help you and your dog improve even more. Beginner runs will be provided.
For further details including exact location, please contact Kevin Phelps on 0407 091 221

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