Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hunt Point & Retrieve Novice Training Field Trial 2011

Saturday 3rd September was something of a red letter day for WGAA with the running of our first closed season training trial for Hunt, Point and Retrieve dogs. The event was judged by Russell Thomas, well known and very successful GSP handler.
This was a training event and Russell gave freely of his expertise and experience, guiding all handlers with a running commentary about how their dogs were performing.
All dogs were tested on game throughout the day with many having multiple finds. The stand out field performer was Marco Pagliari’s L’Epagnuel Breton, Fay who carded 10 finds in her field runs and backed well when required. Dean Watts’ GSP, Angie Bloomer’s GSP and Bill Allen’s Breton also impressed with their field work.
A marked retrieve in water concluded what was an excellent day. Russell’s winning dog overall was Dean Watts’ GSP Purdey. Runner up was awarded to Angie Bloomer’s GSP Farli and third place went to Marco Pagliari’s Breton, Fay.
WGAA intends to conduct HPR Open Season events next season.

To see some more pictures, please click HERE and wait for the slideshow to load.

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