Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pointer & Setter Field Trials 21 & 22 May

The NSW Branch of The Working Gundogs hosted the 3rd & 4th Pointer & Setter trials of the year, held in Victoria, on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd May. The event was characterised by dramatic weather changes and game that would not “hold”. Over the two days probably over 300+ birds were seen for only a handful of clean finds.
Saturday was too warm for good dog work, around23 -24 degrees C. Dogs had great difficulty pinning game which took off at the slightest provocation. The dogs were perplexed by what must have been atrocious scenting conditions as bird after bird took off with dogs having no clue that they were there. Two dogs managed it through to the third round, Andrew Melisi’s Similax Conte (PD) and Taner Osehitoglu’s Whitesmoke Diesel (PD), but after giving both dogs a chance to try and come up with the goods; Judge John Kersley from South Australia had little option but to call a halt at around 4pm after an extremely frustrating day. No result.
Sunday started with sheeting rain and a significant drop in temperature. After the rain eased hopes were high for some better work. However, if anything things started even worse with bird after bird being bumped or simply taking off well ahead of the dogs. A change of paddock brought about better opportunities and some good work was finally being produced. First place was awarded to Joe Camilleri’s Walteela Lite Field (PB). No other results were awarded. Newcomer Nick Guida’s Riprap Casher (PB) was looking good until she broke on her last bird, but she had done more than enough to get ‘Best Novice’ dog.
A point worth making is the difficulty the dogs seem to be having with scent. Quail numbers in some areas are truly a phenomenon causing great confusion for the dogs. Coming after a season when all trials were cancelled for lack of game it is truly a case of it never rains but it pours.

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