Friday, 23 July 2010

WGAA Vic July training day 2010.

The WGAA (Vic) monthly training day certainly is an institution. For 12 years, rain, hail or shine, the training day has continued on – and believe me, there have been many days of climatic extremes.
On an area of land that will probably be coved by an industrial estate one day, literally hundreds (probably thousands by now) of gundogs have turned up to be trained in the various aspects of gundog work. Through it all the patient trainers have encouraged, instructed, prompted and guided the handlers. The WGAA training day is a unique canine event.
The following slideshow shows a typical training day in action. Anyone wanting to come along to Melton on the third day of each month should contact the training officer, Graham Hayes, 97437402. Email -

For more photos please click HERE and wait for the slideshow to load.

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